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中英文作文 春天

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英文作文 春天

Chinese and English composition of spring




A spring breeze gently blowing over the earth, and all things fluffs that has been existing body, stretches out his arms and play a yawn, activity exercise began to recover, for spring is coming.




The earth has just arrived from the cold mountain to wake up, had been cut obsolete herb, have clothing drew buds. Without artificial breed, they're in the wind and rain washed and sunshine will grow. The spring breeze flushes, a damp breeze comes out, the rich pollen breath, straight to the heart a drill. Whoever will wide mouth, and deep breathing, to feel like drinking dewdrop charmed, relaxed.








"A year spring breeze honor grass, born again." Look! Grass from the withered and yellow, dead mother side drill out, the body-it, green, shallow, short and thin, like a few root is very short green silk thread cluster into. But have you seen by stone under pressure in the grass? In order to grow he regardless of how heavy stones on the rocks, and no matter how narrow the gaps between the stones, always after a strong and unyielding, the ground. Large roots deep into soil layer, extending plunge in all directions, it was really a feast entrenched, down-to-earth. Its buds to ground appearing, this is a kind of irresistible force, stop him from rocks finally came off! Rain, rain fell on grass, look, the grass gently in the breeze jitter, rain down the green stems rolling down, drop by drop drill a soil, find it!








"Beautifully grass tendril eyes open, small white long red more female gills." Look! The bud bud, some stand proudly in the branches, some hide under foliage, they are all wait patiently for this feeding, leaf cradle, diners looking forward to come to the top of that day.




White pear cluster into a bundle, and roll is formed, dyeing, layers, like brocade polenta, though sky in warm sunshine, as snow like jade, lily-white, glittering and translucent and bright. Five small white petals synthesis a little cheeks, petal that many fine hua-rui, braved bits flaxen little dots, under the sway of the spring breeze ups and downs, just like a group or naive children shy hopped dance music.




Golden jasmine flowers is not big, like small horn, bellbottom are divided into four small petals. Pure-white small yellow flowers grow in the slender phytic bar, the researchers every root a metre long, from root to slightly, from coarse to fine, slowly color is dark green, bending, which makes JiJiAiAi prolapse, the long together, like each hung bell, in spring the slimy instrument.




Pink gorgeous peach blossom, five leaf, it has five calyx, Have LiuPian leaves, it will have LiuPian calyx, Can surprise whether there are still five leaves LiuPian leaves he has 300,000 root hua-rui, 29 root stamens, 1 root pistil, far looks like the rosy clouds in the sky.








"Green silk road willow smoke, draw qingming February day." Spring, platanus acerifolia drew new bud, the bud green so bright, then colourful, so lovely. It silently to send us a spring of information. In that the sweet spring rain, buds grow gradually moist leaves green. Green is better than the jadeite, a spring breeze blows, and the small leaf quiver full tree up. It's very nice. At this moment, platanus acerifolia like wearing a green beautiful crown.




"Jasper makeup into a tree height, million lop green silk taeniasis." Drizzle, stretch out the green leaves the yews, greedy, suck the milk of spring. Willow heartily, suck the dew of spring, bare branches on the outstanding thickly huaguduo to, and open flowers! Like spring maomao




The colours of spring is very colorful: the sun is GongCanCan, the sky is deep blue, green, treetop is an 85-million-dollar is Jiao yellow, peach blossom is pink, pear is white - no wonder poets would intoned spring, painters painting spring, writer love about spring! This colorful atmosphere why bowed chose million wood ybr xiu, charactizing a fine spring came to earth? Oh! Probably because of spring is all is the world beauty fusion, all colorific club!

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