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Since the childhood like sugar, so when the "sweet shop" series fashionable campus after more than their peers, natural meeting on its crush. But this article, I would like to say is only pure, candy.




A, rock candy




For ice-sugar memory however is in two or three years old, and like most children, I and my grandmother living together. Occasionally, grandma would take out little wage, from pedlar there redemptive a few rock candy, look at me after supper containing in the mouth, and then smiles at a ground step, go back dug out the next time I buy ice-sugar money. Hence, ice-sugar became my youth favorite, and only snacks.




This preference for ice-sugar continued to about four years old from grandma to live together with their parents of that year, also in that year, I to snack interest has not only stopped in ice-sugar extent. Even now, even if it is to see ice-sugar ice-sugar gourd, I no longer have a kind of excitement of felling, perhaps, candy is also has expiration, after a time, once the love will also be xinchong instead.




Second, SuTang




First time to eat SuTang is the kind of the most ordinary almond crisp, very simple packaging bag, seemed to be just a layer of paper to get on the market sell, like some of its cheap dolls, and SD dolls or barbie has a wide difference. When I saw the exquisite packing of milk hard candy and crude SuTang fit together, naturally associate to princess with the poor. But very strange, I never eat in SuTang produce a grain of sand.




So, in my keen to eat SuTang days, mother repeatedly in my ears like speak the words as repeating: "can't take sugar with appearance (person)..."




Third, hard candy




For hard candy feeling, I only stay in the appreciation of degree, even like are not, rather like the rock sugar and SuTang same, reach the point of infatuation. Often eat the hard candy is "alpine fruit milk hard candy series", pure milk flavor, sweet fruit aroma, if candy also have a world, then I guess they should be the perfect girl that pure. But, unfortunately, I to the sugar, this kind of person, have a kind of inherent conflict psychology, so, in my candy box, discover this kind of hard candy opportunity, not much.




Later, I learned "equally", also learned to savour hard candy unique sweet, but, at the same time, and could not find that for a candy and pleased many days of feeling.




Four, mint




Had a rebellious period, I'm madly in love breath mints, eat after a deep breath that allows a winter wind infuse into his mouth, stimulating my throat, the cool feeling that I even want to drop down a drop or two of tears, but because the midyear psychology, then they're always in appear on the face before me to swallow. Now, I think perhaps only mint's unique taste can temporarily anesthetized then psychological emptiness and pain it, so then would like to eat mints. The mint flavour, like that rebellious youth was I, cool and refreshing, additional kind, even a little lonely.




Now, I won't breath mints, I'd rather eat packing to fancy ShuiGuoTang is not willing to touch them, occasionally containing a single in the mouth, will taste that gives a kind of unique flavor, deja vu, someone said, this is the youth taste, growing taste.




Five. lollipops




The junior high school is only after favouring lollies, I just keen to eat that most general, five hair moneys a root of wisdom great, and I don't like beautiful, and even in the valentine's day as a gift for the pattern of the lollipop. Sometimes diaozhao lollipops traversing vaious immunity-lower cram school between, mouth colorful bonzi, is full of publicity youthful meaning, or, biting lollipops turn other, feeling a little coiled lines are still hadn taste, here, I now be just side bite a lollipop side typing.




Someone says, lollipops is actually a kind of fruit hard candy repackaged just, think too, but for lollipops, I do have higher than fruit hard candy enthusiasm, maybe, just because they are more out of a bar just.




Ah, those candy, let me leave memory of sweets, together, I formed a time, candy, unique, candy time.

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