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On Sunday, I early get out of bed. How can I change the motivation lets the habit of always lazy bed? There it is - expanding training.




Till night ten xu, training closing. When he returned home, wall clock has started knocking on night from bells. Recall what happened today the curtain is very touching screen, blood still boiling! Long sleep.




Remember that high altitude horizontal bar project makes me scared, watching team-mates easily climbed cylindrical up, trudged can't stand. My heart is accelerated, even can hear: touch knocked rhythm beating. But in curiosity and stimulate, I also want to challenge yourself. Looking at his teammates, a both of the successful completion of tasks. This I play and I was very easily climbed up to the top, but fast posts I because there is no any armrest, feet on the post jitter badly, a few minutes later, I hung up in disc dare not stand. Coming nearer and nearer teammates cheer scream. I think that I could not think our team blackened, hence diligently does each movement, finally, I overcome the difficulties stand straight body, sprang up caught the nearby horizontal bar. I was successful, I success! Depressive not heart joy. I called out of the sound. Teammates also gave me more applause.




Night against the project - life journey, two hundred people group by coach "split into two halves. Clear rules after half the wear eyeshade, the other half of the students can be selected when who protege. Time goes on, I slowly in the waiting, waiting for that I can trust, can counton breakfast come around. A minute, two minutes, I'm a little nervous, don't I alone face dark? I was very helpless. In my of the greatest disappointments of, finally feel a pair of warm my hand up my hand. Heart inside that heavy stones finally fell out. Command, we started our trip. Always worried that they will wrestling, will not believe that assist my classmate, so can't gathered pace. Thus trip become very well, several times nearly fell, but have lived long arm pulls me. I was moved slowly, I also believe him. So he helped me to cope with all the way many of the difficulties and frustrations, finally arrived a role exchange of time, I can't wait to pick open eyeshades want witness this way carefully take care of me. I found a strange face, we strangers, if not this activity, I think we live without overlap. When I give him guide, realise the major responsibility, I dare not even lax, fear a don't be careful it will cause his any damage.




In this project, I deeply realized that in the way of life, unavoidably will face many difficulties and setbacks, we can't they impeded walking pace, instead should brave face, we should accept others for helping us, also should have a single help people's heart. Mutual support and encouragement, we just easier to success!




Over the trip of life, into today's summary session. Liu passionately tells about some touching deeds. There will be some parents and our story, reminds me to her parents. Each days have no light in the morning, prepare the meals arouse sleeping oneself supplement day nutrition, every evening delicacies dishes to watch me do return. In order to raise my success, hardworking work and make some money to support their family. One dress years also won't buy a new dress, but in every New Year for me pick out my favorite clothes. And I will not let them save worry, often will also NaoPiQi, often because a small thing with parents stroppy. At the moment, I have penitence pole. I decided to later must do a let parents worry of children.




Actually, all day down, each experience of the projects have let me more or less a harvest, for instance, drum thunder co-front-runner activities, let me see no one is perfect, but a team of discourse the profound meaning. Virus games also left a deep impression to me, a virus appears, will not affect what, but increased over time, a virus infects many make its also become viruses that evil cycle continues, ultimately all suffer. Learning such similar phenomena, such as too many classes may only a start extremely individual speech of the students having bad behavior, but if not be stopped, he may attract more students parody this bad habit. As time passes, our class will overall drop. So we must for own build a good learning environment, we must take those "virus" killed in the cradle.




In short, today's expanding too worth, knowledge and learning I constatnly educating. I only appreciate organise training teacher, are they let me renewed hope sparks.




XiGang second grade 8's: ZhangGong for








Comment on: such expansion training very meaningful, also can see the reactive power for understanding the true meaning of promotional activities, and that is to have a strong team spirit, this is a team in the team, the importance of realizing ego value.




This paper "high horizontal bar, life journey" two paragraphs describing is you of this essay writing part, from the details you get two activities, attention should be paid to the experience of the articles surprisingly arrangement. Hope that many more good articles published!

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